HDD Coating Systems

Offering products from the pipeline industries leading manufacturers of HDD coating systems.  These include the liquid epoxy coatings Denso Protal, Denso ARO, Powercrete J, Powercrete R-95, as well as Canusa TBK/TBK-VE-XL heat shrink sleeve systems.  Liberty Sales is a stocking distributor of these coatings, ensuring quick response time to your order.

Underground and Above Ground Infrastructure

Providing you with all your marking needs for both underground and above ground infrastructure.  The Liberty Marker Dome Post, Test Station, Vent Marker, and Flexible Marker Post are all made from impact resistant, UV stable plastics and resins that will provide long term marking protection.  They are available in standard lengths and colors or can be customized as requested.

Pigging Products and Accessories

Serving the pipeline industry by distributing a wide selection of pipeline pigging products and accessories.  Our inventory includes those of the leading pipeline pigging manufactures, Girard Industries and Pigs Unlimited. Our pipeline pigging products are available in most sizes for cleaning, swabbing and batching solutions for your pipeline. Whatever the job requires, Liberty Sales can provide the proper pig, pig launcher or pig tracker, each customized to the customer’s specifications.

Tracer Wire and CP Wire​

Supplying a variety of solid/stranded copper Tracer Wire and CP Wire for your damage prevention and corrosion protection needs. Our HMWPE Tracer Wire is insulated with a rugged, moisture resistant High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) ideal for direct burial applications in the Gas, Fiber Optic, Water and Wastewater Industries. Our CP wire is available in #2 - #8 sizes along with a variety of color options. Custom markings and packaging is available upon request.