Principal Manufacturers Line Card

Anodes, Tracer Wire & Cathodic Protection   

LIBERTY SALES & DISTRIBUTION, LLC supplies a variety of Anodes, Reference Electrodes, solid/stranded copper Tracer Wire and CP Wire for your Cathodic Protection needs. Tracer Wire is insulated with a rugged, moisture resistant High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) ideal for direct burial applications in the Gas, Fiber Optic, Water and Wastewater Industries. CP wire is available in #2 - #8 sizes along with a variety of color options. Certain Anodes and Reference Electrodes are stocked for immediate availability. 



Directional Drilling Coatings

LIBERTY SALES & DISTRIBUTION, LLC offers a variety of coatings from the pipeline industry’s leading manufacturers for Horizontal Directional Drilling systems. These HDD products include liquid epoxy coatings such as Powercrete J, Powercrete R-95, and the Denso ARO, as well as the Scar-Guard® system. Scar-Guard® is a Composite Mechanical Protection System designed for superior abrasion resistance and can be applied over a variety of corrosion coatings. Products are stocked locally in our PA locations.


Fabrication and Metal Products

LIBERTY SALES & DISTRIBUTION, LLC serves the pipeline industry by distributing a wide selection of fabricated pipeline and metal products. Custom products available include M & R Station Prefabs, Fabricated Meter Sets, Pipe Supports, Meter Brackets, and a variety of Flanged Fittings built to your company specifications.


Pipeline Markers

LIBERTY SALES & DISTRIBUTION, LLC can provide you with all your marking needs for both underground and above ground infrastructure. The Liberty Dome Post, Test Station, Vent Casing Post, and Flexible Marker Post are all made from impact resistant, UV stable plastics and resins that will provide long term marking protection. Our suite of marking products are available in standard lengths and colors as needed, and we can also accommodate special orders upon request. Please contact our office for additional information.