Drive-In Magnesium Anodes are available in 7 different sizes and styles ranging from 1/2 lb. to 3 lbs.  The "Husky" is the easy, reliable way to protect natural gas service lines and is supplied with 3 feet of TW12 solid copper wire. Other wire lengths are available upon request. Designed with a UHMW polyethylene drive cap, the lead wire and soldered connection are protected during installation.

Aluminum                            2.5-3.5%
Zinc                                 .07-1.3%
Manganese                         0.20 –1.0%.
Iron                              0.002% max.
Nickel                             0.001% max.
Silicon                             0.05% max.
Copper                            0.01% max.
Calcium                            0.04% max.

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17 Lb Hi-Potential Magnesium anode: this anode is packaged with backfill. Please contact us for other anode options or for cable options.

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