Damage Prevention

The OVERPIPE protection plates are made of injected HDPE. They have dedicated features such as:

•  Holes all over the surface (but less than 1% of the total surface) to allow the flow of water to go through and not disrupt the measurement of the cathodic protection. The holes come from molding and not by later drilling which would weaken the plate.
•  Beveled edges and non-slip pins on both sides to facilitate handling and avoid slip and fall accidents.
•  Full body yellow color (UV resistant) as an effective warning signal (different colors possible depending on the nature of the networks).
•  Fully customizable embossed warning message.

The OVERPIPE protection plates come in various dimensions to fit with the pipe diameter and to grant an extra width on the sides. The plates are assembled by superposition (10 cm / 4 inch overlap) or by juxtaposition and are linked by HDPE clips and caps.

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The 3M™ Direct Bury Splice Kit DBR/Y-6 is used to electrically connect two or more pre-stripped copper wires and moisture seal the connection for direct burial. The kit includes a 3M™ Performance Plus Wire Connector R/Y+ and a high impact, UVresistant polypropylene tube prefilled with moisture-resistant grease.

• C UL US Listed, UL Standard 486D, File No. E102356
• Listed for use in wet, damp, direct bury and submersible locations with UF type cable
• Meets European Standard EN 61984
• Applicable ratings under this standard: IP68, Pollution Degree 3
• Not recommended for long-term continuous submersion
• For RoHS and REACH information, please visit www.3M.com/regs

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Waterproof and corrosion proof splicing box prefilled with non-toxic sealant. Housing allows splice examination without opening encapsulated splice.

  • Designed to protect cathodic splices from corrosion
  • Waterproof and corrosion proof
  • Pre-filled with a non-toxic gel that eliminates hazmat requirements
  • Re-enterable, semi-transparent, encapsulated splice allows for a visible splice examination
  • Locking mechanism centers splice in box
  • One piece for fast, easy installation
  • Eliminates heat shrinks, primers, tapes and epoxy packs
  • For making tap or branch splices on insulated cables rated up to 100V



Max. Voltage: 100V
Temperature Rating: -40°C - 90°C (194°F)
Measurements: See specificiation sheet for complete product measurements
Wire Range:
    Main: #8 - 1/0 (.363" - .625" O.D.)
    Tap: #12 - #4 (.305" - .443" O.D.)
Amperate not to exceed maximum temperature of the conductor


Cathodic Protection Cable (CPC) is used in Cathodic protection systems designed to protect steel, water or fuel pipelines and storage tanks, steel pier piles, ships, offshore platforms and onshore well casings from corrosion. CPC helps make sure your metal lasts as long as possible when exposed to the earth's electrical charge.

CPC typically consists of a stranded copper conductor insulated from the surrounding soil by one of the following:

  • A single layer of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation which in most applications is 0.110" thick (110 mils).
  • A fluoropolymer insulation, usually 0.020" (20 mils) of Halar (ECTFE) protected by a 0.065" (65 mils) Polyethylene (HMWPE) jacket is typically used where halogen gases such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine etc. are present and concentrated around the anode and the cable. These types of cables are commonly called "Halar" or "Kynar" Cathodic Protection Cables.
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Liberty Test Stations are made of nonconductive, high impact, UV stabilized polycarbonate in a variety of standard colors. The test stations come standard in 6’ length with 5 enclosed, stainless steel terminals to protect connections from the environment. Custom colors, graphics, and terminal configurations are available upon request. Bonding straps, lug terminals, and other accessories are also available. Please contact Liberty Sales to discuss your specific requirements.

Yellow, Orange, Blue, Brown, White, Red, Green, Purple

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Liberty Dome Posts provide an economical, permanent, and highly visible solution to your marking needs for use with fiber optic cables, gas, petroleum, electric, water, sewer and all other buried utility pipelines. Dome Posts can be customized. Anchor post included. Environmentally safe, lightweight and 100% recyclable.


*Custom sizes available upon request*

Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple

3.5" x 6' and 3.5" x 8'

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Liberty Flexible Marker Posts provide an economical, highly visible solution to your marking needs for use with fiber optic cables, gas, petroleum, electric, water, sewer and all other buried utility pipelines. Flexible Marker Posts can be customized on one or both sides. Driver tools are available for ease of installation. Optional anchor available secured with aluminum rivets. Environmentally safe, lightweight and 100% recyclable.


*Custom sizes available upon request*

​Yellow, White, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Brown, Purple

3.85" x 66"

3.85 "x 72"

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Liberty HD Rockshield® provides durable protection to all of your underground infrastructures. Made from random looped, lead free, PVC material, this high density product will save you money by eliminating the need for select back fill and provides long term abrasion resistance for the life of the pipe.  

Available Standard Sizes for Liberty HD Rockshield®

36" x 30' Rolls for 10” Diameter Pipe

44" x 25' Rolls for 12” Diameter Pipe

54" x 20' Rolls for 16” Diameter Pipe

67" x 15' Rolls for 20” Diameter Pipe


74” x 80” for 24” Diameter Pipe

74” x 98” for 30” Diameter Pipe

74” x 117” for 36” Diameter Pipe

74” x 136” for 42” Diameter Pipe

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