LocusView provides LocusMap:  a mobile GIS solution that maps new construction with comprehensive tracking and traceability data for materials, fittings, and fusions. The software creates GIS features directly within an Esri environment to allow field collected data to be directly integrated into the enterprise GIS. Field collected data is available for viewing and integration into the enterprise GIS in near real-time to eliminate mapping backlogs. Barcode scanning and high accuracy GPS automate the process of creating and populating GIS features.  LocusMap is the industry's leading solution for capturing traceability information.  By leveraging ASTM F2897 barcodes and comprehensive fusion traceability, LocusMap creates fully traceable as-built records of new construction, replacements, and repairs.

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LocusView provides LocusIQ: a solution for collecting, managing, and analyzing inspection results. The solution includes a mobile application for collecting field inspection reports and a web application for visualizing and analyzing results to support decision making. 

The mobile application can be used on iOS or Android smartphones or tablets to collect inspection reports and supporting data including pictures, sketches, and GPS coordinates in a connected or disconnected mode.

The web application combines data into a single database and visualizes results with pre-configured and ad-hoc reports. Trends can be identified to support continuous improvement through training and increased oversight. 

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