Pin brazing is used to ensure a safe electrical connection to different types of metal. The pin brazing process is ideally suited for many applications including continuity bonding between pipes, connecting measuring and test cables, and the installation of sacrificial anodes and test stations.

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- Eliminate below grade leaks at building

- No excavation for repair

- Grade 1 leaks become Grade 4 leaks

- No crew call outs

- No DOT/DIMP reporting


- No depth of cover concerns

- Eliminate special tooling and related equipment


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The Raytek MiniTemp thermometer incorporates many of the same features found in professional IR thermometers. The MiniTemp thermometer is perfect for auto enthusiasts performing self diagnostics and for those tackling home improvement projects. Use it for spotting costly energy losses around windows and doors, monitoring critical temperatures in kitchen or workshop, or ensuring the environment is comfortable and safe. Just pull the trigger! The MiniTemp thermometer shows the temperature in an instant on its large, backlit display. The simple to use MiniTemp thermometer becomes even easier to operate when aiming with the laser pointer.


Requires the Bell Probe: https://www.libertysales.net/product/50012-k-flat-surface-bell-probe

The AquaTuff™ 35100-K model is a high accuracy instrument designed to withstand harsh environments. The ABS housing is extremely durable and IPX7 waterproof rated. The housing is ergonomic with a tapered design and curved back to fit nicely in your hand.

The 35100-K can be used with any Type K thermocouple probe with a standard mini-connector.




The Testex Kit contains one Testex Spring Micrometer, Testex Coarse and X-Coarse Tape, Burnishing Tool and a Training Surface.

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The PosiTector Kit contains one standard PosiTector body, a PosiTector 6000 ferrous coating thickness probe, a PosiTector SPG surface profile probe and a PosiTector DPM environmental probe.  Each PosiTector body accepts the 6000, DPM and SPG probes included in the kit easily converting from a coating thickness gauge to a dew point meter or surface profile gauge.

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The Testex Spring Micrometer #354 is a precision spring-loaded dial thickness gauge specifically designed for measuring thickness of Testex replica tape with a range of 0-50 mils and includes a burnishing tool.


The MTP-1324 Infrared Surface Thermometer with Dewpoint and Relative Humidity provides non-contact measurement of surface temperature of a wide range of materials with the convenience of included air temperatures of –58°F to 500°F ±6.3°F, relative humidity measurements of 0-100% ±3.5%, dewpoint calculation ranging from –22°F to 212°F and operating temperatures of 32°F to 122°F.  9 Volt Battery included. Weight: 8 ounces



Designed for use on any flat surface. Swiveling bell sensor self-orients to the surface giving superior contact. Durable Phenolic handle.

For use with: https://www.libertysales.net/product/cooper-atkins-35100-k-aquatuff-waterproof-thermocouple-instrument

Product Features

  • Rugged ABS plastic housing
  • Factory calibration constants stored in non-volatile memory
  • No Calibration Required: Your AquaTuff is factory calibrated to N.I.S.T. traceable standards. Under normal operating conditions, it will not need to be recalibrated
  • Battery Type/Life: 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries/1800 Hrs

The PosiTest DFT Coating Thickness Gauge measures coatings on ALL metals with a measurement range of 0-40 Mils.

PosiTest DFT Ferrous
measures non-magnetic coatings on steel

PosiTest DFT Combo
measures both non-magnetic coatings on steel AND non-conductive coatings on aluminum, brass, etc.  Automatically recognizes the substrate and takes a measurement


  • Fast, repeatable measurements — 60+ readings per minute
  • Ready to measure - No adjustment required for most applications
  • Zero or 1 Point Calibration Adjustment for complex applications
  • Onscreen averaging  for up to 99 readings
  • Strong, wear-resistant, ruby-tipped probe 
  • V-groove in probe for positioning on cylindrical parts
  • High contrast color display
  • Adjustable display brightness for optimal visibility in all environments
  • Auto rotating display with rotation lock
  • Simple icon based menu
  • Handy RESET feature when no zero reference is available
  • Mils/microns switchable
  • Built-in wrist strap for added convenience and safety
  • Two year warranty

  Ideal for

  • Powder Coaters
  • Paint Applicators and Contractors
  • Coating Inspectors
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