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Dhatec's Pipe Carrier Premium improves all storage and transport operations. The logistic processes of tubes and pipes are simplified with only 5 carriers that cover a diameter range from 114,3 till 508,0 mm. The system provides possibilities for bundling tubes, allowing efficient handling and transport of many tubes simultaneously. Each carrier has a length of 1,225 m. Two carriers beside each other use the full truck width (2,45 m) resulting in the optimal truck load configuration. Because the carrier is designed to be canting proof, maximum transport safety is provided. With the Pipe Carrier Premium pipes are supported sideways. This results in less stress for pipe and coating due to a better distribution of forces. An additional advantage is that one model of the Pipe Carrier Premium is suitable for a certain diameter range. Less carriers are needed to cover different sizes.

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Safe & Flexible Pipe Storage with Pipe Stop
When heavy steel pipes need to be stored, for only a short period or for many years, safety and pipe quality are of the utmost importance. With our Pipe Stop system, safe and flexible pipe storage is easy.

Calculated safety
Our systems are the result of 3 years intensive research and development. An extra safety margin is incorporated to eliminate uncertainties.

Our systems are easy to adjust for different diameters and stacking situations.

Safe for coated surfaces
Our systems provide excellent pipe support and protection to coating layers against damage caused by high pressure. The material of our support blocks is softer than pipe coating material, which prevents scratching of the coated surface.

Low investment
The system is modular and can therefore be implemented gradually. Pipe Stop has a short return on investment because the system is reusable and durable.

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System88 offers a new level of safety and flexibility for pipe transport by train or truck. It is possible to adjust pipe supports for different diameters in seconds!  System88 is designed to carry heavy pipe loads safely and securely around the world. It is highly durable, easy to assemble and suitable for use in all weather conditions. The complementary design of all parts makes it possible to expand the system for future needs. Discover the comfort of a reliable system, which is easy to adjust and offers optimal safety.

System88 can be used on any truck or train wagon. With the right configuration, a load of 63 metric tons can be transported safely without damage to the pipe or coating.  High quality accessories are available to complete System88 and optimize performance and safety.

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The Slide Stop is designed for securing the pipes in the middle on top of the trailer; these pipes are not secured with tie-downs. The Slide Stop behaves like a spring which presses down the pipes in the middle with such a force that the pipes are properly secured.


1. Secures all pipes in the top layer
2. Easy and fast to apply
3. Suitable for all pipe diameters
4. Easy to handle with a forklift
5. Low in storage space

Material Specifications:

Steel profile : S275, Square tube 90x90x3mm (3.54”x3.54”x 0.12”)
Antiskid layer : Frictional resistance 0,6
Tie-downs : SHF 50 daN, STF 750 daN

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