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Dealing with aging and stressed distribution infrastructures, anticipating potential leaks, and responding to increased regulatory scrutiny all pose mounting challenges for gas utilities.  To help gas utilities anticipate and respond to risks across their distribution networks, and meet growing regulatory pressures, gas utilities Aclara is helping company’s move past just drive-by reading applications to a robust and intelligent fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure.

Smart infrastructure solutions from Aclara provide a path for gas utilities to monitor and manage their distribution networks: 

  • Customer Care and Billing – Eliminate estimated reads, provide customers with consistent billing, smooth revenue collection, and reduce calls to customer service representatives.
  • Methane detection – Find methane leaks to eliminate the risk explosions and reduce environmentally harmful emissions.
  • Pressure monitoring – Provide real-time insight into pipeline integrity and proactive response to problems ahead of costly incidents.
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 A digital platform that collects, validates and manages new construction data for energy infrastructure. GPS and barcode scanning automate the creation of as-built sketches. Digital forms standardize data collection for company and contract crews, verifying collected data is complete and valid. Sensor-based data collection process reduces manual data entry, which increases data integrity. Pre-configured smart validations are prompted in real-time to identify data, material and workmanship errors.  Real-time data visualization is available through a web tool, enabling project progress tracking as well as a guided QA\QC processes while work is in progress. Deviations from design and company procedures are flagged for review. Once a project is reviewed and approved, it is exported to the enterprise systems of record (GIS & Asset Management Systems) to complete the project closing process.


 -  Digital data collection process eliminates data entry errors

-  Real-time visibility of construction work including project status

-  Real-time warnings of workmanship and material errors based on design parameters and company procedures


-  Construction data is traceable, verifiable and complete

-  Sensor-based data collection increases data integrity and eliminates manually sketching

-  High-accuracy GPS create high accuracy maps in GIS


-  Eliminate paper construction packages and reduce project closing time by 70%

-  Identify errors and implement corrections in real-time

-  Direct integration with the system of record to eliminate manual data entry


-  User friendly interface designed specifically for construction workers enables rapid adoption

-  Allows construction workers to create high accuracy maps and records in the field

-  Standardizes data collection for company and contract crews

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