Tellus Underground Technology

Tellus Underground Technology is the premier manufacturer of keyhole and no-blow tooling for the underground utility industries. From underground utility locating to distribution system maintenance Tellus designs procedures and provides tooling to perform dozens of processes from street level. Standard maintenance procedures that were previously performed in open pit excavations can now be completed in an 18” or 24” diameter cored street opening.

Excavate with Air or Water

While the dry excavation process allows the excavated soil to be reused to back-fill the hole, it can be difficult to dry excavate hard clay type soils. Conversely, water jet (hydro-excavation) demands that all excavated material be removed from the site and dry backfill material utilized to restore the excavation. All Tellus vacuum excavation systems are equipped with both compressed air systems and high-pressure water jet systems to accommodate digging in all soil conditions.

Select the Chassis that is best for you: New or Used

Over the years we have found that some our customers would like to have flexibility in selecting the platform upon which we build their system. In order to satisfy this need we have developed designs that are completely independent from the truck’s chassis and therefore can be mounted on any properly sized chassis you desire. New or used, Tellus can build you a vacuum excavation system that will meet and likely exceed your expectations.

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