TECO AMERICAS - The FireBag® automatically shuts off gas supply in the event of fire, preventing explosions and the spreading of fire.  When the ambient temperature reaches 203°F to 212°F (95°C to 100°C) the metal alloy that keeps plug and cartridge together melts and the spring pressure pushes the plug against the gas opening to close it completely.  The FireBag® closes within 60 seconds, per DIN 3586.  No fire or heat detectors are required to automatically stop gas flow.


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ESOV series ANSI flanged swing-check valves with fusible links are designed to provide a simple yet effective method of closing in an emergency or hazardous situation. The valves are designed with an external spring load and held in the open position with the fire-sensitive fusible link. The valve will automatically close when the link melts due to fire or high temperatures. The external lever rotates the hinge pin which drives the disc into the closed position, stopping the flow of the liquid, gas or vapor.


•     Local and/or remote actuation
•     Fire-Safe fusible link
•     Economical solution for required safety
•     Can be used in horizontal and vertical service
•     All valves are factory tested to API 598
•     Back pressure ensures a tight seal between the disc and seat
•     Once closed, the valve can ONLY be reset manually as a safety feature TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
•     Refineries
•     Petrochemical
•     Off-shore oil rigs
•     Chemical process equipment
•     Water and Waste applications
•     Superheated steam lines on ships

150# ANSI Flanged:  2” to 16”
300# ANSI Flanged:  2” to 16”
150# ANSI Flanged:  275 PSIG
300# ANSI Flanged:  740 PSIG

-20°F to 475°F

Body:  Carbon steel or Stainless Steel
Disc:  Carbon steel or Stainless Steel
Hanger Arm:  Carbon steel or Stainless Steel
Seat: API 598 Trim 8 or 12
Cover Seal: Graphite

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BÖHMER fully welded ball valves meet the requirements of the most common national and international standards.


When fire safe certification is required, BÖHMER can produce a range of valves to API 6FA, API 607 and BS 6755 P 2.


The standard design of BÖHMER ball valves provides a trunnion mounted ball for pressure class ANSI150 starting at 6 inch and ANSI300 and above at 3 inch size. The maintenance-free bearings for stem and trunnion are self-lubricating, thus assuring a lower torque especially for high pressure ratings.


When required, the ball valve design includes an electric conductive connection between the internal parts of the ball valve and the body providing the anti-static function.


The sealing of the stem to the atmosphere is achieved by up to three independent sealing systems. The stem sealing design ensures the anti-blow-out function. Some valves can be produced with a design of the stem assembly, so the seals are replaceable under full pressure in either open or closed position.


As an option, BÖHMER ball valves can be delivered with an additional emergency sealing injection for the seat-rings and/or stem sealing.

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A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is known in the gas industry for its wide variety of house piping valves, gas meter valves, and curb valves. Their products represent a new era of offerings that are consistent with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and efforts to enhance their gas distribution products. Please see the catalog or contact us for more information on: High Pressure Ball & Plug Style, Curb Valves, Ball Style Outlet Angle Valves, Meter Bars, Cast Iron Meter Bars, By-Pass Meter Bars, Re-Lubrication Tools, Insulated & Non-Insulated Swivels & Accessories such as Meter Nuts, Plugs, Gaskets & Unions.

A.Y. McDonald Catalog

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Pete's Plug II will allow you to take pressure and temperature readings quickly and eliminate the need for leaving costly gauges or temperature indicators on the line.


•  Maximum operating PSIG of 500 and 200°F or 275°F for neoprene and nordel

•  Maximum working pressures of 1000 PSIG with neoprene or nordel at temperatures from 140° to -20°F

•  Two self-closing valves speed valve closure

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A.Y. McDonald’s 6480 Series By-Pass Meter Bars provides a safe, fast, and cost-effective alternative to gas utilities, by allowing them to change-out their customer’s meters without interruption of gas service. It's innovative design will eliminate the time-consuming and costly coordination of scheduling change-outs,saving time and money.

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