ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joint


For long-term dependability, experts choose the ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joint which is welded into place for a permanent solution.

•  Industry proven double O-ring seals standard (available with triple O-ring seals based on application)

• Standard O-ring material 'NBR' (other materials optional based on application)

•  O-ring design in accordance with ASTM D2240, ASTM D412, ASTM D395, ASTM D1329, ASTM D1817 and ASME VIII Div.1 appendix II.

•  Isolating elements:  NEMA G10/G11 - ASTM D709 Class H

•  Back seal: silicone neutral low module/filler isolator: epoxy resin cold cured 

•  Internal and external coating of amine cure epoxy resin

•  Pipe pups API 5L X52 or API 5L Grade B (other materials available as per customer requirements)

•  Welding in accordance with ASME IX

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