Barlow Flange Isolation Joint


The Barlow Flange Isolation Joint is welded into place for a permanent solution and designed to the highest possible standards using precision machined heavy duty components.


•  Thicker dielectric sleeves (1/8") machined to precise, close tolerance dimensions, both length and diameter

•  Flange bolt holes line reamed to provide perfect alignment and close tolerance fit to the dielectric sleeves

•  Flange studs machined from Alloy Steel and heat treated to ASTM Designation A-193-52T Grade B-7 resulting in superior strength and greater resistance to stress-induced elongation

•  Coupling nuts machined from Alloy Steel and heat treated to ASTM Designation A-194 Class 2-H

•  Precision machined steel washers, flat, parallel and counterbored allowing for square alignment and clearance for the dielectric sleeves

•  Flange gasket precision cut for ideal fit with small projection into the stream to prevent bridging of the joint inside the pipe

•  Precise assembly with accurate torquing carried out in sequential pattern followed by retorquing after 24 hours

•  Flange gap sealed with epoxy resin to prevent contamination and electrical shorting

•  Dielectric strength test (minimum) 5 kV at 50 hz for 1 minute (dry air)


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