Canusa Wrapid Shield XL

Impact Protection for Pipeline Coatings


Wrapid Shield™ XL is a fiberglass cloth, preimpregnated with a resin that can be activated by salt or freshwater to coat and protect any diameter of pipe within minutes. The product is formulated to resist shear, impact and abrasion on pipe coating systems above and below ground such as fittings and joints on all mill-coated pipe and as an outer wrap over heat-shrinkable sleeves for added mechanical protection.  Compression Film and a perforating tool are also used to install the Wrapid Shield™ XL.

Superior Mechanical Protection
• Provides unparalleled protection against impact, indentation,abrasion, punctures and tears that may result from directional drilling, rough handling, native backfills or severe in-service conditions.
• Designed to protect the underlying field joint coating from the effect of forces associated with directional drilling.

Chemical Resistance
• Resistant to corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalies and salts,common chemicals, chemical vapors, and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight.

Long Term Corrosion Protection
• In combination with a heat-shrinkable sleeve, the composition of the product is such that it provides an effective barrier to water and oxygen and effective corrosion protection and soil stress resistance.

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