CCI Omniroller Casing Spacers


The NEW CCI OmniRoller Casing Spacers are supplied with a patented runner equipped with an innovative multidirectional assembly designed for the following:

• Maintain cathodic protection between the carrier pipe and casing pipe to prevent premature corrosion
• Reduce the coefficient of friction within the casing pipe for ease of installation
• Allow for longer installations while maintaining the desired grade
• Prevent the carrier pipe from spiraling within the casing pipe during installation, unlike unidirectional rollers

The CCI OmniRoller Casing Spacers are manufactured with an 8” wide Coated Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel shell for nominal carrier pipe sizes ranging from 4” to 24”. Each OmniRoller runner can be supplied with up to 3 multidirectional assemblies depending on the carrier pipe type and application.

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