Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun

For spraying 1000ml cartridges of Protal liquid coatings


Can be used in a wide variety of spray applications using Protal Liquid Coatings. It is designed for use where fast and easy setup, no clean up, minimal material waste and minimal equipment maintenance is needed. 3:1

Available accessories:

Denso Protal 7200 Cartridge (1000ml)

Denso Protal 7900 HT Cartridge (1000ml)

Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000ml) - Mixing Tip/Straight

Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000ml) - Mixing Tip/Right Angle

Denso Quick Lock Adapter


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Repair coating for damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. Also used as coating for Cadweld areas.

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