Dhatec Pipe Stop



Safe & Flexible Pipe Storage with Pipe Stop
When heavy steel pipes need to be stored, for only a short period or for many years, safety and pipe quality are of the utmost importance. With our Pipe Stop system, safe and flexible pipe storage is easy.

Calculated safety
Our systems are the result of 3 years intensive research and development. An extra safety margin is incorporated to eliminate uncertainties.

Our systems are easy to adjust for different diameters and stacking situations.

Safe for coated surfaces
Our systems provide excellent pipe support and protection to coating layers against damage caused by high pressure. The material of our support blocks is softer than pipe coating material, which prevents scratching of the coated surface.

Low investment
The system is modular and can therefore be implemented gradually. Pipe Stop has a short return on investment because the system is reusable and durable.

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