FRP Insulation Spacer

120 Peripheral Circumference


An extremely strong, non-conductive fiberglass reinforced plastic insulation spacer, with a peripheral circumference of 120°, minimizes shielding effect on cathodic protection systems.

•Used by utilities to prevent and/or correct electrical shorts caused when buried steel mains contact each other or are in close proximity.
•The 120° peripheral circumference minimizes any possible shielding effect on the pipes cathodic protection systems.
•For most applications, FRP Spacers offer superior physical properties over other plastics and rubber such as PVC and polyethylene.
•The superior compressive strength of FRP over other non-conductive materials is necessary due to the point loading nature of contact shorts.
•FRP spacers will not cold flow, will not become brittle in cold temperatures and will not soften or distort from heat.

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