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GSI offers Corridor Analyst:  Selection of preferred routes for linear projects is a growing source of public controversy and regulatory scrutiny throughout the world. It requires resolution of complex interactions of engineering, environmental and social concerns. GSI Corridor Analyst routing software brings the resources, technology, and equipment to empower our clients to meet these challenges.  Our decision support analysis algorithms give our clients a more acceptable and supportable route selection process. GSI Corridor Analyst was designed to support and enhance public involvement.

Worldwide there is a shortage of high voltage transmission lines and demand is expected to grow at least 20 percent in the next decade. The selection of transmission line routes is a growing source of public controversy and regulatory scrutiny throughout the world. GSI Corridor Analyst breaks down the complex route selection into a four-step process. This siting methodology allows external groups to participate in the process and makes decisions by utility professionals more transparent and credible.  GSI Corridor Analyst is a GIS based software that maps all geographic features in a study area, assigns numerical suitability values to all features, assigns engineering constraints, generates corridor alternatives using statistically sound algorithms, automatically generates alternative corridor reports, and automatically creates reports summarizing criteria used and values assigned.

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GSI - GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.
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•  It produces siting decisions that are more quantifiable,

   consistent and acceptable

•  It improves productivity and analytical capabilities

•  It reduces risks by addressing regulatory scrutiny and stakeholder issues

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