Liberty 6480 By-Pass Meter Bar Bracket


Introducing the new Liberty 6480 By-Pass Meter Bar Bracket that is specifically designed to mount the AY McDonald 6480 By-Pass Meter Bar to most foundations. This bracket allows for quick and easy installation of the 6480 By-Pass Meter Bar by using a snug fit of the bar to the bracket which adds stability to the assembly and provides for a rigid installation. The bar is secured in place with a flanged head bolt that is threaded into a fixed position nut for quick and secure fastening. Minimal parts make the assembly quick and easy.


- Specifically designed to fit AY McDonald 6480 By-Pass Meter Bar

- Rugged steel construction to support meter bar assembly

- Quickly mounts directly to foundation or drive post

- One-bolt assembly to the fixed position nut makes for easy assembly of the meter bar to the bracket

- Polyester powder coated for excellent corrosion protection

- Slotted mounting hole for easy field adjustments and alignment

- Liberty Sales Part No: LBBPMBB80

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