Liberty Vent Marker


Liberty Vent Markers can be used to recondition unsightly steel risers or vent casings at road crossings. Never scrape or paint another vent casing riser. Simply slide the Liberty Vent Marker over your existing vent, fasten with a pin or bolt, and you create a durable, visually appealing combination line marker and vent casing free of maintenance.
 The marker is UV standard molded from specially formulated
• Designed to fit over an existing steel vent pipe
• 360° cylinder shape insures the marker can be seen from all angles
• Our graphic system is guaranteed not to fade, peel or chip
• Never requires maintenance
• Easy to install
This product will rebound when hit, meets DOT standards as a line marker, and give years of maintenance free service

Standard Colors:
Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green, Blue

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