PosiTest HHD - High Voltage Holiday Detector


The PosiTest HHD - High Voltage Holiday Detector detects holidays, pinholes, and other discontinuities using pulse DC and comes with a 20" Electrode Rod.

COMPATIBLE WITH SPY COILS, BRUSHES, AND ACCESSORIES.  Additional Spring Connector required to connect the unit to the electrodes.

HHD Electrodes




Output Voltage Range                     0.5 – 35 kV

Output Voltage Adjustment           0.5 kV – 1 kV: 10 Volt Steps

Output Accuracy                               ±5%

Pulse Duration                                   10 µs

Pulse Repetition Rate                       30 Hz

Coating Thickness Range                 Up to 20 mm (780 mils)†

Battery Size                                        72 Wh Li-ion

Typical Battery Life                            Ø 12” 40 hrs. 16 hrs. (for selected rolling springs @ 10 kV)

Operating Temperature                   -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)

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