Tapecoat Envirotape (70 Mils)


TC Envirotape is a 70 mil petrolatum blend, wax saturated fiber-tape for ambient to 250°F temperature application. Appropriate for coating dry or wet surfaces; particularly suited for coating fittings, flanges, valves, mechanical couplings and other irregular configurations. Recommended use with TC Enviroprime, overcoat with TC Envirostretchwrap bellow grade, TC Enviroseal Mastic above grade or TC Wet Bound Epoxy Mastic for both above and below grade applications.

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Color: Tan or Brown
Thickness: 70 mils minimum
Bacteria Resistance: Excellent
Low Temperature (ASTM D-1737): Excellent
Operating Temperature: 250°F (149°C)
Shelf Life: Rotate stock yearly

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