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The patented Scar-Guard® line of products is designed to protect field joint and mainline coatings from the mechanical stresses and scarring associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD), boring and micro-tunneling of pipelines. Scar-Guard® is a composite abrasion resistant overcoat comprised of fiberglass cloth and pre-impregnated flexible resin that is activated by water and cured within minutes. This sacrificial outer laminate system protects preapproved anticorrosion field joint coatings and mainline coatings such as FBE, liquid epoxies, shrink sleeves, and tapes.
The Scar-Guard® line of products minimizes the need for costly repairs after pull back, and provides robust protection of the underlying pipeline coating. U.S. Patent #8522827

Compression Film and a perforating tool are also used to install the Scar-Guard®.

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Denso LT Tape is composed of a non-woven synthetic fabric carrier, fully impregnated with a neutral compound based on saturated petroleum and inert silicious fillers. Denso LT Tapes are specifically designed for applications at cooler ambient temperatures. The tapes provide long term corrosion protection to pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces.

Denso Paste for use with LT Tape


A non-woven synthetic fabric tape fully impregnated with a neutral petrolatum compound. Corrosion protection of wet or dry pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces. Densyl tapes are designed to withstand extreme temperature variations. The tapes provide long term corrosion protection to pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces.

Denso Paste for use with Densyl Tape


Color Coat is a versatile 60 mil environmentally friendly wax coating system designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion. The specially formulated odorless, selfhardening, wax coating system is suited for both above and below grade application.

Color Coat is a highly conformable coating that can be applied over most stable surfaces whether they are dry, damp or wet. A coating ideal for protecting structures such as bridge crossings, riser pipe, flanges, valves and all types of piping and metal structures. Especially suited for vaults and close quarter applications because it is virtually odorless, fume free and non toxic.

Resistant to Ultra Violet Light and environmental exposure, Color Coat is durable and aesthetically pleasing, available in a wide variety of colors including a full range of Safety Code colors (Blue, Green, Grey, White, Yellow, Red & Black).

Color Coat Primer for use with Color Coat Tape

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TC COLOR COAT PRIMER is an opaque color wax primer formulated for use as a surface conditioner and companion undercoat for the TC COLOR COAT wax coating system.

TC COLOR COAT PRIMER is specifically designed not to discolor TC COLOR COAT TAPE in above grade or below grade applications


Tapecoat 20® is a hot-applied 58 mil coal tar tape for ambient temperature below grade application. Tapecoat 20 is designed to protect buried metal surfaces from underground corrosion and electrolysis. These surfaces include coating pipe, girth welds, fittings, couplings, tanks, cable, conduit, and tie rods. Tapecoat 20 is resistant to thermal expansion, impact and abrasion. Tapecoat 20 consists of a specially formulated pliable coal tar coating completely saturated into and bonded to both sides of a high tensile strength fabric. In addition, it has a polyester film adhering to the coating which facilitates unwinding of the roll and acts as an outer wrap providing additional mechanical strength against backfill and soil stress.


Denso Utility Tape is a plasticized polyvinyl chloride sheeting coated on one side with a rubber resin, pressure sensitive adhesive. Available in black rolls with a tape thickness of 10 mil (0.25 mm).


Tapecoat H50 is designed to protect above ground, buried or submerged metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis. It is used for coating pipe, pipe joints, fittings, couplings, tanks, pipe type cable, conduit, tie rods, elevator casings and other metal surfaces. Its unique "MAF" film backing has been specially formulated to provide strength that allows it to be pulled tightly around fittings and other irregular shapes with minimal pull back due to memory. Tapecoat H50 Gray is resistant to UV rays, thermal expansion, impact, abrasion and can be applied over a wide range of ambient temperatures.


Tapecoat M50 is a 50 Mil Gray polypropylene mesh-backed, cold applied, below grade coating designed to provide superior soil stress resistance to protect against corrosion and electrolysis on metal substrates.  The Tapecoat M50 has an integrated primer in the adhesive which allows for faster application as there is no need to apply a separate primer when application temperatures are above 40°F.  Appropriate for coating small to large diameter pipe, bends and metal structures, Tapecoat M50 is especially well suited for reconditioning field coated pipe and coating pipe in areas with high soil stresses.

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TC 7000 High temperature epoxy (color red) is a two-part liquid epoxy system for operation temperatures of up to 300°F. Applied at 6 to 10 mils, TC 7000 can be used as a primer for any of the Tapecoat coating products.

When operating temperatures are expected to exceed 180°F, it should be used as a primer for Tapecoat HTMB and 6025 High Temperature Tape Systems.

At a minimum coating thickness of 25 mils, TC 7000 can be considered a stand alone coating.

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