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Adjustable Roll Guide Includes:

4 Adjustable Sockets

2 Roll Axles

2 Vertical Threaded Rods

12 Hex Nuts

2 Cast Iron Rolls (Omit When Ordering Non-Conductive Rollers)


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Roller Chair Includes:

1 Steel Base

2 Bolts & Nuts

1 Cast Iron Roll (Omit when ordering Non-Conductive Roller)


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Adjustable Roll Suport Includes:

2 Adjustable sockets - 1 Roll Axle

2 Vertical Threaded Rods - 8 Hex Nuts

1 Cast Iron Roll (Omit When Ordering Non-Conductive Roller)

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Adjustable Roll Hanger Includes:

1 Steel Clevis (Yoke)

1 Cast Iron Roll (Omit When Ordering Non-Conductive Roller)

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A non-conductive, pre-shaped 240° peripheral snap-on pipe saddle. FRP roll-on shields will never corrode or deteriorate, physically or chemically, and are easily installed.

•Used by utilities for electrical isolation and abrasion control of mains and by industry for load distribution, energy conservation, and insulation protection at hangers and supports of over head and pylon-supported pipe mains.
•Employed for abrasion control on plastic pipe systems and wrapped cables.
•Substitute for, or use in place of metal saddles where electrical insulation is desirable.
•Ideal for pipes exposed to corrosive environments.
•Protects pipe insulation and plastic pipe systems from abrasive wear at overhead hangers and supports.
•May be banded, cemented or taped into place.
•Special lengths can be made available.
•Oversized shields and saddles are used over bridge mains that have had protective tape applied, resulting in an increased outside diameter of the pipe and without damaging the tape.

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A non-corrosive, non-conductive 180° pipe saddle fabricated from high quality FRP that protects pipe insulation and pipe systems from abrasive wear at overhead hangers and supports.

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Material: Spring cushion hanger consists of a set of two springs and four retainers only.

Service: Generally used with a single pipe roll. Recommended for installation where the vertical movement does not exceed 1 1/4 inches.

Approvals: Complies with Federal Specification WW-H-171E (Type 50) & Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-69 (Type 49).

Maximum Recommended Load is 300 lbs.

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Adjustable Roller Stands, used in conjunction with Non-Conductive Rollers, offer an alternative to the epoxy type pipe chocks for preventing or correcting crevice corrosion problems. The polyurethane based Non-Conductive Rollers will not abrade the pipe’s coating and allows moisture to drain away from the bottom of the pipe. Non-Conductive Rollers do not contact enough of the pipe surface to allow moisture or organic materials (grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, etc) to collect at the pipe roller interface. Non-Conductive Rollers are particularly useful on pipes that show significant expansion and contraction.

The Adjustable Pipe Roll Stand generally includes a galvanized cast iron base, steel plate, adjusting bolts and Non-Conductive Roller with stainless steel sleeve. The base can also be fabricated from carbon or stainless steel to standard or non-standard specifications. Available for pipe sizes 2” through 24”.

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SIngle Pipe Roll Includes:

2 Adjustable Sockets

1 Roll Axle

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U-Bolt Coat is a seamless, vulcanized, polyolefin material that is applied to a standard hot dipped, galvanized zinc plated or stainless steel u-bolt. They effectively control crevice corrosion on above ground piping by eliminating any possible metal to metal contact between the top and sides of the pipe. These coated u-bolts are also used with FRP Half Rounds to help control crevice corrosion on the bottom of a painted pipe. U-Bolt Coat type u-bolts can also help reduce vibrations and noise levels. The polyolefin coating is durable and displays excellent resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, abrasion and electrolysis.

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