Pipeline Repair Materials

The quick-application design of Clock Spring|NRI Snap Wrap makes it an ideal solution for pipe repairs and reinforcement for low-pressure lines often found in process plants, refineries and local distribution pipeline networks. Lower pressure (<1000 psi) lines can easily be repaired and reinforced using Clock Spring|NRI Snap Wrap in as fast as 15 minutes per application.

Snap Wrap is a multi layered system of high strength, fiberglass reinforced composite material. The Snap Wrap design provides a corrosion resistant repair and reinforcement alternative in a split sleeve design. It is installed using proprietary high performance adhesive and high compression filler.

• Pre-Cured Sleeve Design
• ¾” to 56” diameter
• Architecture design can be tailored for either pressure or structural and reinforcement
• No special tools or training required to install

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Canusa’s Repair Products are used to repair and/or fill voids in damaged coatings. A full line of products provides the flexibility to make a variety of repairs to mainline or field joint coatings, ranging from minor coating damage to exposed steel. All of Canusa’s Pipeline Repair Products offer flexibility of installation, exhibit excellent adhesion to steel and are compatible with all common pipeline coatings. These products also remain permanently flexible and provide superior resistance to moisture infiltration, resulting in complete corrosion protection.

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Protal 7200 Repair Cartridges are specially formulated for patching and repairing damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. The repair cartridges are packaged in 2-component tubes that are applied with a dispensing gun (sold separately). Three convenient sizes (400 ml, 50 ml, and 1000ml) are available.


Denso Protal 7125 Repair Cartridges are specially formulated for patching and repairing damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. The repair cartridges are packaged in 2-component tubes available in 825 ml and 50 ml and are applied with a dispensing gun (sold separately). Can also be used as a coating for Cadweld areas.


The Model JM Jeep meter provides the ultimate in accuracy and versatility. It features a digital display of measured voltages. The precision measurement displayed eliminates interpretation errors and is perfect for every day tests.
This Jeep meter measures both pulse and DC voltage output. For pulse type holiday <leteclors, used to inspect shrink sleeves, tapes, coal tars, etc., the JM will measure up to 40 kv. For DC holiday detectors, used to inspect thin film epoxy coatings, the DC range of the JM measures up to 5kv.
When used with pulse type detectors, this Jeep meter automatically senses the polarity of the pulse. Leading-edge electronics solve the stability and repeatability problems sometimes experienced in the older models.


The PJM Jeep Meter provides efficient, economical output voltage testing in the field. These are handy for inspectors, superintendents, foremen and other field personnel to check voltages during operations, whenever and wherever there is doubt. They are lightweight, rugged and easy to read analog meters. The Pocket Jeep meter is for high voltage pulse output detectors and has a range of 0-20 kv. Two standard 9-volt alkaline batteries power the PJM.


The Denso Quick Lock Adapter is an accessory for the Denso Protal Air Cartridge 1000ml Gun which connects the gun to the cartridges.

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