Part of the CADWELD® PLUS system, the electronic control unit is a small, hand-held, battery-powered ignition tool that helps simplify the welded connection process. The CADWELD PLUS system eliminates the need for starting material and flint igniters by utilizing an electronic ignition. Two field-replaceable leads in lengths of 6 ft (1.8 m) or 15 ft (4.6 m) offer increased flexibility and versatility in hard-to-reach areas. This CE/UL® Recognized battery-powered ignition system is designed for 600 connections with one set of eight standard AA batteries (included) and requires no special batteries or chargers.

The CADWELD PLUS control unit initiates the reaction of the CADWELD PLUS welding material cup. The standard unit includes a 6 ft (1.8 m) high temperature control unit lead. The lead attaches to the ignition strip on the welding material cup using a custom, purpose-designed termination clip. After the termination clip is installed on the ignition strip, the installer pushes and holds the ignition button to start a charging and discharging sequence. Within a few seconds, the control unit sends a predetermined voltage to the ignition strip and the reaction is initiated. As the “ready” light is flashing during the first few seconds, the installer can release the button to prevent the ignition.

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nVent ERICO CADWELD Cathodic Protection exothermically welded connections are the accepted method of attaching cathodic protection anode leads to pipes (steel or cast iron), tanks, and other structures. Cathodic protection systems are designed to prevent galvanic corrosion along a pipeline or in various structures. nVent ERICO CADWELD Cathodic Connections use a special welding material alloy to minimize heat effect on the steel, which is especially important on thin wall and high stress pipes.


  • Forms a permanent, low resistance connection
  • Provides a molecular bond
  • nVent ERICO CADWELD Exothermic Connections are rated with the same current capacity as the conductor
  • Portable installation equipment with no external source of power required
  • Installers can be easily trained to make nVent ERICO CADWELD Exothermic Connections
  • Connections can be visually inspected
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When making a Cadweld connection, an accurate control of the Cadweld process is accomplished by using a semi-permanent graphite mold. Control is exercised over the direction and speed of the molten Cadweld weld metal flow and final shape. The graphite used in a Cadweld mold is a high temperature type that lasts for an average of 50 to 100 Cadweld connections under normal usage.

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The new magnetic hold down assembly holds “A” Price Key molds securely to large flat or slightly curved horizontal steel surfaces during the connection process.


•Includes a powerful welding magnet (50 lbs) which securely positions mold during connection process
•Helps with mold stability to reduce the chance of weld metal leakage
•Is sold separately - quickly and easily attaches to hold down “A” Price Key molds (new or retrofit)
•Is adjustable
•Provides ideal solutions when used with CADWELD® PLUS to allow for use of full extension of control unit lead
•Can be used on flat steel surface or steel pipe

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