Liberty HD®

Liberty HD Rockshield® provides durable protection to all of your underground infrastructures. Made from random looped, lead free, PVC material, this high density product will save you money by eliminating the need for select back fill and provides long term abrasion resistance for the life of the pipe.  

Available Standard Sizes for Liberty HD Rockshield®

36" x 30' Rolls for 10” Diameter Pipe

44" x 25' Rolls for 12” Diameter Pipe

54" x 20' Rolls for 16” Diameter Pipe

67" x 15' Rolls for 20” Diameter Pipe


74” x 80” for 24” Diameter Pipe

74” x 98” for 30” Diameter Pipe

74” x 117” for 36” Diameter Pipe

74” x 136” for 42” Diameter Pipe

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