Mounting Options

Chicago Fittings X-Riser:

•  ELIMINATE Below Grade Joints at the Building

•  Bottoming Nut (Positive Stop) eliminates the need for Torque Measurement

•  One Piece Bi-Directional Seal/Ferrule Assembly Design eliminates worries of “Order & Orientation” of multiple internal components

•  Swage Collar Design eliminates the need for a “Weep Hole” which exposes the PE to both UV Rays and outdoor elements

•  Eliminates the need for Chamfering Tools and Fusion Equipment


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STAKE Mount for Model 9610 - Brick Light sold separately

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Tripod Mount for The Brick Light; Includes base & 22" Riser. Brick Light sold separately


Quad Pod Mount - Brick Light sold separately. Please note this mounting option requires (1) Adapter & (1) Swivel or Puck to attach the light.

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Hand Rail/Ladder Mount for Model 9610 - Brick Light sold separately.  Please be aware this Mounting option requires (1) Swivel or Puck to attach EACH Light.

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