The PosiTest HHD - High Voltage Holiday Detector detects holidays, pinholes, and other discontinuities using pulse DC and comes with a 20" Electrode Rod. COMPATIBLE WITH SPY COILS, BRUSHES, AND...,                                 Specifications: Output Voltage Range           ...
BLack Beauty MEDIUM Grit: For general purpose repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint and rust, structural steel, mill scale, and aggregate exposure. Features & Benefits...
Introducing the new Liberty 6410 By-Pass Meter Bar Bracket that is specifically designed to mount the AY McDonald 6410 By-Pass Meter Bar to most foundations. This bracket allows for quick and easy..., FEATURES: - Specifically designed to fit AY McDonald 6410 By-Pass Meter Bar - Rugged steel construction to support meter and bar assembly - Quickly mounts directly to foundation or drive post -...
ClockSpring|NRI Bands are a pipeline reinforcement system and repair sleeve for high-pressure transmission pipelines.  Standard configuration is a continuous coil of pre-tensioned e-...
The OVERPIPE protection plates are made of injected HDPE. They have dedicated features such as: •  Holes all over the surface (but less than 1% of the total surface) to allow the flow of...
The patented Scar-Guard® line of products is designed to protect field joint and mainline coatings from the mechanical stresses and scarring associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD),...
TECO AMERICAS - The FireBag® automatically shuts off gas supply in the event of fire, preventing explosions and the spreading of fire.  When the ambient temperature reaches 203°F to 212°F (95°C...
Color Coat is a versatile 60 mil environmentally friendly wax coating system designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion. The...
Liberty HD Rockshield® provides durable protection to all of your underground infrastructures. Made from random looped, lead free, PVC material, this high density product will save you money by...
Protal 7200 is a VOC free, 100% solids, 2 part epoxy coating specially formulated to compliment FBE coated pipe. It is a high build liquid coating that is brush or spray applied ...

Clock Spring|NRI DiamondWrap® is ideal for plant and refinery repairs involving complicated geometry situations such as tees, flanges, & varying diameter pipe. It is an engineered, wet applied repair system featuring proprietary carbon fiber cloth applied with a two-part epoxy and a high modulus filler material. It is available in multiple kit sizes for any diameter pipe, in any configuration. 


• Eliminate unplanned down time for high consequence piping.
• Extend the life of aging and corroding assets.
• Engineered repairs are designed by our qualified engineers following ISO or ASME guidelines.
• Ideal option for repairs involving complicated geometry situations such as tees, flanges, & varying diameter pipe.
• No pipe cutting or welding necessary. No heavy machinery required.
• Available in multiple kit-sizes for any diameter pipe or configuration.
• Engineered Repair Design Report (ISO or ASME) is available.
• Service temperature limit up to 580° F / 304° C.
• Excellent adhesion to virtually any substrate.
• Carbon fiber system with negligble creep ensuring long service life.

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ClockSpring|NRI Bands are a pipeline reinforcement system and repair sleeve for high-pressure transmission pipelines.  Standard configuration is a continuous coil of pre-tensioned e-glass fiberglass for reinforcement.


• 50-year DOT accepted repair system for high pressure transmission pipelines

• ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 compliant

• Repair sleeve will restore the pipeline to full strength on up to 80 percent wall loss as well as assorted mechanical damage and mill defects.

• Available in 4” through 56” diameter kits, each kit will include a coil, filler, adhesive and tools • Can be applied on bends and girth welds

• Removes the need for pressure reduction or pipeline shutdown during installation

• Meets standards of internationally recognized repair codes

• Used in all environments, in over 75 countries

• Marine Adhesive allows for underwater repair application

• High Temperature system available

• Clock Spring|NRI repair sleeves are installed quickly and efficiently by certified installers.

• Simple marking band system makes repairs visible to in-line inspections tools

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The OVERPIPE protection plates are made of injected HDPE. They have dedicated features such as:

•  Holes all over the surface (but less than 1% of the total surface) to allow the flow of water to go through and not disrupt the measurement of the cathodic protection. The holes come from molding and not by later drilling which would weaken the plate.
•  Beveled edges and non-slip pins on both sides to facilitate handling and avoid slip and fall accidents.
•  Full body yellow color (UV resistant) as an effective warning signal (different colors possible depending on the nature of the networks).
•  Fully customizable embossed warning message.

The OVERPIPE protection plates come in various dimensions to fit with the pipe diameter and to grant an extra width on the sides. The plates are assembled by superposition (10 cm / 4 inch overlap) or by juxtaposition and are linked by HDPE clips and caps.

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The Western Technology BODYLight™ is the 1st (ETL Certified) explosion proof, rechargeable, battery-powered LED light in the WORLD and is an explosion proof portable LED work light without a cord.  Machined out of solid blocks of 6061-T6 Aluminum with Polyurethane Bumpers and Glow-in-the-dark Paneling, the rechargeable BODYLight has many accessories, stands and mounting options.

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Borin Stelth 2 Solid-State Reference Electrode for Buried and Concrete Service
Model SRE-007-CUY Copper-Copper Sulfate (Cu-CuSO4) For direct burial and concrete in chloride-free conditions.

Size: 1.5" (40 mm) diameter x 7" (180 mm) long. Lead Wire: 50' (15 m) or 20' (6 m) of #14 (2.5 mm2) RHH-RHW wire. Stability: ±5 millivolts.
Material: Ceramic with moisture retention membrane.
Working Temperature Range: 32° F to +176° F (0° C to 80° C).
Material Temperature Range: -60° F to +185° F (-51° C to 85° C).

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The Tinker & Rasor APS Holiday Detector Kit has a range of 800-35000 Volts and comes with (1) Size 2" - 36" Electrode.  Size and type as requested: Full Circle Spring 2" - 36", Half Circle Spring 0.75" or 8", Silicone Rubber Brush 2" or 8"

Kit Includes: Instrument, (2) Batteries, Ground Cable, Wand Handle, Inspection Paddle, adapter for use with SPY® brand spring electrodes, Carrying Case, Instruction Manual, Letter of Calibration and a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Dhatec's Pipe Carrier Premium improves all storage and transport operations. The logistic processes of tubes and pipes are simplified with only 5 carriers that cover a diameter range from 114,3 till 508,0 mm. The system provides possibilities for bundling tubes, allowing efficient handling and transport of many tubes simultaneously. Each carrier has a length of 1,225 m. Two carriers beside each other use the full truck width (2,45 m) resulting in the optimal truck load configuration. Because the carrier is designed to be canting proof, maximum transport safety is provided. With the Pipe Carrier Premium pipes are supported sideways. This results in less stress for pipe and coating due to a better distribution of forces. An additional advantage is that one model of the Pipe Carrier Premium is suitable for a certain diameter range. Less carriers are needed to cover different sizes.

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System88 offers a new level of safety and flexibility for pipe transport by train or truck. It is possible to adjust pipe supports for different diameters in seconds!  System88 is designed to carry heavy pipe loads safely and securely around the world. It is highly durable, easy to assemble and suitable for use in all weather conditions. The complementary design of all parts makes it possible to expand the system for future needs. Discover the comfort of a reliable system, which is easy to adjust and offers optimal safety.

System88 can be used on any truck or train wagon. With the right configuration, a load of 63 metric tons can be transported safely without damage to the pipe or coating.  High quality accessories are available to complete System88 and optimize performance and safety.

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Safe & Flexible Pipe Storage with Pipe Stop
When heavy steel pipes need to be stored, for only a short period or for many years, safety and pipe quality are of the utmost importance. With our Pipe Stop system, safe and flexible pipe storage is easy.

Calculated safety
Our systems are the result of 3 years intensive research and development. An extra safety margin is incorporated to eliminate uncertainties.

Our systems are easy to adjust for different diameters and stacking situations.

Safe for coated surfaces
Our systems provide excellent pipe support and protection to coating layers against damage caused by high pressure. The material of our support blocks is softer than pipe coating material, which prevents scratching of the coated surface.

Low investment
The system is modular and can therefore be implemented gradually. Pipe Stop has a short return on investment because the system is reusable and durable.

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The Slide Stop is designed for securing the pipes in the middle on top of the trailer; these pipes are not secured with tie-downs. The Slide Stop behaves like a spring which presses down the pipes in the middle with such a force that the pipes are properly secured.


1. Secures all pipes in the top layer
2. Easy and fast to apply
3. Suitable for all pipe diameters
4. Easy to handle with a forklift
5. Low in storage space

Material Specifications:

Steel profile : S275, Square tube 90x90x3mm (3.54”x3.54”x 0.12”)
Antiskid layer : Frictional resistance 0,6
Tie-downs : SHF 50 daN, STF 750 daN

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